Friday, November 6, 2009

Toddler's and Stripping

This morning, Sarah, while playing in the living room, appeared in front of me wearing just her diaper, after she figured out how to unzip her feet pajamas. She just slid out of them like we do every morning, but this time on her own.

I just looked at her, just in her diaper, with her holding her pajamas with such a great smile on her face and the feeling of accomplishment. All I could do was laugh. Then, she tried to put the pajamas back on saying, "on, on, on." When that didn't work shortly thereafter, my adorable, sweet, funny, button-pushing monkey stood in front of me completely naked after mastering the ability to remove her diaper as well like a pair of underwear.

I am so proud of Sarah because she is growing daily by leaps and bounds. And, something as silly as her stripping down to nothing, so long as it is in the privacy of our home, is reinforcement that she is learning and listening to what daddy and I are teaching her.

So, laugh hard and laugh often when you witness these experiences because they are the little milestones in your child's development that are indeed priceless to experience. Not quite something to get on camera but certainly something for me to store away in my mind as a funny, wonderful, enjoyable experience.

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