Friday, November 20, 2009

Toddler Stripping Under Control

I previous wrote that Sarah is in her stripping phase.

One day I decided to put her in a onesie with her pants and it worked all day. She did manage a few times to remove the pants but am happy to report that the onesie and diaper remained despite Sarah's repeated attempts to get them off.

However, during mornings, Sarah still woke up naked with jammies in one hand and diaper in the other. After following the advice a fellow mommy, Sarah now wears short sleeved onesies under her jammies at night. A great tip. And, with the weather a little colder the extra layer not so bad. Only a few times have I come into her room in the morning after she is awake to find her without jammies but still in the onesie and with a diaper on her body. Other mornings, she's too tired and not ready to play, let alone strip.

Sarah still has plenty of time to be naked during diaper changes, baths and potty time. And, I can now spend less time telling her to put her clothes back on or running after her when she's naked with the potential for slipping on streaming pee or poop.

Stay dry!!!

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