Sunday, November 15, 2009

Toddler Stripping Continues

I know about Freud and the toddler stage of development where children are getting to know their bodies, but does this really include my toddler waking up in the morning, standing naked in her crib with pajamas in one hand and a poopy diaper in the other?

Let's just say I was awake really quick.

I am proud to say that Sarah knows her body parts rather well, and for quite some time in fact. The most obvious body part, her hoo ha, I haven't exactly been able to help her grasp, figuratively. I tell her what it is often and I let her explore when we do diaper changes regularly, but must she strip often during the day, hiding and then returning naked with diaper in hand and a huge grin?

I certainly don't want to restrict Sarah from development and exploration but today I put her in a onesie shirt to see if maybe this would restrain her for a little while, especially since we were going to be out and about for the day. And, it worked. Hopefully this won't impact her interest in potty training, as we are in the early stages with Sarah on this, and she loves sitting on the toilet fully undressed.

I am all for Sarah's development but with the nakedness comes the potential for her peeing and then slipping on it on the hard wood floors, peeing on the couch, chair or anything else she chooses sit down on and then not knowing where it is until the stink festers, and of course, the chances for poop and the likelihood of her taste testing. Gross I know. All for the sake of development.

The hardest part too I will say is trying not to laugh because it is indeed funny to watch her doing this and having such great satisfaction.

Any tips or funny stories of your own to share to help me get through this stage? How long this is supposed to last?

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