Saturday, November 7, 2009

Toddler Fascination for Boxes and More

Sometimes the most fascinating toys our children are most interested in are the ones we least expect, and also may cost very little, if at all nothing. The same holds true for diaper boxes, plastic pretzel jars and wipes containers, amongst other things.

I especially like reusing wipes containers for crayons, paints and other art supplies. Sarah has also developed an appreciation for the plastic pretzel jars, which she likes to stack and knock down like blocks. Good for her development. Very cool.

As far as boxes go, let's just say a good part of my living room has been taken over by several diaper boxes fused in to one. What started off as one box has grown to many more. With great imagination this house has transformed into a boat, a car and a spaceship. Ideal for small spaces it helps when objects can be multi-functional. And, to make these hand made treasures even more special, work with your child to develop artwork for them to admire. Some of Sarah's art has come tearing down, but many others still remain that she appreciates.

It's fun to watch Sarah put in and take out, several times over, her stuffed animals one by one as she grows accustomed to her fun new play space. She even on occasion likes to take a nap in her house and can invite a friend or few to play inside.

I look forward to creating new adventures for Sarah in the future and uncovering even more unique ideas for common items to transform in to fun, wonderful journeys to explore together. You'd be surprised by what fun can be had with safe-to-play-with things you find in your home that you least expect.

Happy hunting and building!!!

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  1. You know I love it how we spend hundreds of dollars on toys when mostly my daughter wants to just play with "things"! Empty tubs of Carmex with little sticky jewels that lost their stick, pieces of feather boas, earrings that lost their match. I find her purse stuffed with random things she finds fascinating. But somehow... not sure if she'd be happy opening up wrapped gifts with her trinkets at Christmas. :)


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