Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Child's Love is Priceless

This week was an incredibly long work week, and I expected it to be. I was so tired once I got home, and in some cases had to work some more even after I got home. And, to add to it, unfortunately, I missed out on quality time with Sarah or on writing my blog, which has indeed been cathartic.

On the days when I came home from work later than my planned schedule, I kid you not, the second my key touched the door, even before turning the lock, inside I heard Sarah squeaking and squealing "Mommy" several times over, so excited and so overjoyed to see me.

Words cannot describe the joy and emotion I feel when I spend time with Sarah. So, you can imagine, that on the days when I am at work and the hours we are apart, the moment I walk through the door either at school to pick her up, or this week, at home, the feeling and emotion are priceless when we connect.

Since work is important and necessary for me to do, I am thankful that Sarah is understanding of the time I am away from her. When I see her at the end of the work day, she jumps up and down, gets so excited and runs up to give me a hug and wraps her legs around me. It's these moments I savor and melt while soaking her in.

As parents we know the incredible impact our children have on us. Even when days are tough and long, continue to love the energy, enthusiasm and excitement of our little ones when they greet us as the end of the work day and embrace the moments you do have with them. I know I do.

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