Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sign Up for Product Recalls

I love to read. Fiction and biographies, magazines and stories, and news online, I love them all. But, sometimes I just don't always have enough time to get through them in a timely fashion, especially the parenting magazines, which are chock full of wonderful information both fun and useful.

My guilty pleasure is definitely reading fiction, and sometimes when my magazines arrive I push them aside and delve right into my next book when free time allows or during my work commute. However, when I do get the chance to read the parenting magazines I have found the information to be extremely useful, and valuable that I file away cool ideas for future use as Sarah grows.

Today, I decided to thumb through Parenting magazine and saw a picture of the teething rings that Sarah uses as boo boo buddies. I then realized that it was under the product recall section and gasped. The good news is Sarah has not broken or bitten into any of these teethers but boy you can imagine I quickly pulled them out of the freezer and plan to bring them back to the store in which they were bought.

I then quickly signed up online for emails to be sent to me regarding product recalls for children's products so that when I can't get to my magazines right away, and do check email often, I will know of these recalls and important information in a timely matter.

Sign up for so that you can remain in the know and keep your children safe. I also recommend your signing up for Dr. Vincent Iannelli's blog on as he is the guide on pediatrics and emails information about product recalls including medications.

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