Friday, October 2, 2009

Sarah and Allergies - Part 2

We just came back from Sarah's doctor who is pretty certain that Sarah has allergies. Ugh.

Tomorrow we will take her for a blood test, which may or may not confirm this suspected diagnosis. Interestingly, it appears Sarah has dark circles under her eyes, if you could believe a baby could get dark circles under his or her eyes, is a symptom of seasonal allergies.

And, while we have been told we can try saline solution in her nose, which Sarah hates oh so much, we may need to put her on medication. So not liking this at all. We kind of expected that this may happen since Daniel has been suffering from chronic perennial allergies for years.

To fellow mommy Samara, thank you for sharing your personal story regarding your son Zachary. You are absolutely right in that this type of allergy is not life threatening and can be managed but that it's still okay to feel pain and sadness for your child when they are uncomfortable and know that medication may be a necessity to help provide them comfort.

Any additional tips and insights from you and others would be great to learn.

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