Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Princess Power: When It's Time to Give In

As a mom of a little girl, the time may come sooner or later when Sarah may or may not want to be enveloped in everything princess. It appears that the time may be now.

For months since Sarah began walking and wearing shoes she has constantly been kicking them off. A lot of this could also be because of the constant attention I give to her feet kissing them, tickling them, singing songs about them and completely adoring them. What can I say, I absolutely lover her cute little piggies.

Thus, it has been a constant for Sarah, especially during walks with her in the stroller, or when we are out and about, or when she is at school, to kick off her left shoe especially. Eventually the sock comes off too and she giggles like crazy. How can anyone resist this?

During walks, especially, with her in the stroller I always have to be on alert to the shoe popping off, as there have been times I have had to walk back to start to find the shoe or missing sock.

This past weekend, when I couldn't actually find one of Sarah's sneakers, likely under a couch or stashed away with some toys or books, I had to go and get another pair as backup.

Until now, shoe shopping for Sarah has been mostly about what fits well, is comfortable and, for the most part, what I like. She really hasn't had much of a say in what we choose more so because she's 20 months and hasn't really cared.

This time around I took a different approach, desperate to find a pair of shoes she may like enough to want to keep on. After kicking off every other cute looking sneaker, I decided, out of desperation, to talk up the princess sneaker, which also happened to have lights.

Let's just say, the princess shoes won out.

While I like to have control over what Sarah wears now for the most part, I know that there will indeed come a time when I need to step back and let her develop her own sense of style. Hey, if she wants to wear clothes emblazoned with Elmo head to toe, or a princess dress, or anything else, I likely will have to succumb. All in all, as much as I don't want Sarah to have blue hair some day or wear miniskirts inappropriately too short, I will have to do my best as a parent to guide her well, help her be confident in her own body and help her to find her creative sense of style.

A true test of the princess sneakers happened at school today when I learned that not only did Sarah keep them on all day, she was so excited about them that she kept sharing with others her new kicks. She even kept them on during stroller walks and playground activities.

All that matters to me is that Sarah be a happy and healthy child. I know that these are famous last words but I will be doing my best to encourage Sarah to find herself through style whether it is as a princess/girly girl or a tomboy, and address individual moments of dress when they happen, within reason and when necessary.

In the meantime, I intend to enjoy the moments of her being little and in love with the pure joys of favorites such as Curious George, Dora, Elmo and princesses.

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