Sunday, October 18, 2009

Medicine with Flavor for Kids

Over Sarah's 21 months there have instances in which we have had to give her medicine either via mouth or through a nebulizer. And, for what feels like the gazillion viruses and colds where in a handful of cases fevers spiked high enough for Motrin and Tylenol to be used, there was no problem administering these medicines to Sarah to help get the fevers down.

However, I cannot say the same for her flu medication, as far as ease of delivery goes.

Since Sarah got the flu this past week, and earlier this year, and was prescribed medication, I have been pleased to see the benefits of the product working well, and so quickly, yet, I wish it could come in flavors. This is the only medicine we have had to give Sarah where she really refuses to take it at all.

I certainly know that medicines are not created typically to taste good and obviously to do the job they are studied and approved to do. However, try explaining that to a toddler who refuses to take the medicine she really needs no matter what tactics are used including her absolute favorites to help.

Here's hoping that soon enough these much-needed flu medicines can be created with flavor to help give them to our little ones a little bit easier.

I must also caveat that with all medication, especially those with flavor for children, please keep all medications safely secured in cabinets or locked drawers away from little hands in all instances. While we as parents know these are medicines, our little ones, who like the flavor, may not see it that way.

Let's continue to keep our little ones safe.

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