Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kids; Viruses, Germs and Bugs, Oh My

Thank goodness Daniel and I were both working from home today, as we got a call from Sarah's daycare around 2:3o PM saying she had a 102 fever and saying she was tired, which is out of character for her during the day. And, knowing that this is an underarm or forehead temp, by the time she came home I knew it would be higher. Oh yeah...103.5.

Fortunately, since both Daniel and I were home, we were able to tag team taking care of Sarah while continuing work assignments and requirements.

I so look forward to the day when Sarah isn't putting her fingers in her mouth or sticking her tongue on everything in sight. While I know she can get germs and bugs in the air, it likely doesn't help that my little Hoover vacuum licks just about everything she can get her hands on.

Just wishing my baby an easy night and hope she is feeling better soon.

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