Thursday, October 29, 2009

Getting the Gunk Out

Sarah woke up yesterday with a cough and a low fever. So, I kept her home from school and hoped that she would be feeling better today. The good news is the fever has been gone since yesterday afternoon, her cough is still present but now the snot is dripping out of her nose.

Yes, I know this is gross. Sorry. But, considering who is reading this, you likely have either wiped away a runny nose or two from your child's face, that of a niece or nephew you were caring for, or even from your family pet.

Anyhow, this morning I decided to keep Sarah home from school again until I know she is better, and work from home.

I hate it when parents bring their kids to daycare really sick, and frustrated when my child the "sick magnet" manages to pick up all the viruses and bugs these kids bring. To add to this, I can't tell whether Sarah has an eye infection or if she managed to wipe the snot from her nose into her eye. Doubly gross. Sorry. This is not unheard of in Sarah's case as she has done this before and it was just snot, but now I am not so sure.

We have an appointment with Sarah's doctor today to get her checked out to be safe and sure.

In the meantime, Sarah has let me remove the boogers and gunk from under her nose, and she tried to help. She gave me an even harder time trying to get it out of her eye. I had to accept that she would kick and scream and cry. But the gunk is out for now. Praying that Sarah does not have an eye infection and is feeling better soon to enjoy Halloween this week.

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