Friday, October 16, 2009

The Flu Invader Strikes

Mid-week this week Sarah developed a high fever, so we expected, like most other times, that the drool, snot, coughs and sneezes would come shortly there after. But, they didn't. So, we then thought the fever was then associated with possibly yet another garden variety cold or virus, and that this would eventually pass soon.

But, when Sarah had another restless night with high fevers, to the pediatrician we went on a day I was conveniently off from work. I got confirmation that Sarah has the flu. Even Sarah's doctor was surprised by this diagnosis considering Sarah's energy and demeanor at the time of her appointment, but the test was positive. Besides this being really sucky, it sucks even more because Sarah got the flu shot just a few weeks ago. I know, as a professional in the health care field there are many viruses the flu vaccine does not protect against but I still just feel frustrated by the situation especially because there is only so much protection we can provide our little ones, even when you have done all that you can.

While Sarah is active and moving around the house, sitting in her doll stroller kissing Cookie Monster, or reading books to her favorite stuffed animals she doesn't look or act like she has the flu, but she does. Her body temperature says she has the flu. The medicine is in our fridge confirms she has the flu. Her somewhat reduced appetite says she has the flu. She has the flu.

Now likely exhausted and the flu kicking in, Sarah lays on my chest wrapped in a favorite blanket sleeping.

I just hate that the flu has invaded my little one's body and hope she is feeling better soon.

I dedicate this blog to all parent's who have sick little one's at home with bugs, viruses, flu and such, and wish you peace and patience as your child's illness passes. And, here's to wishing our babies, because they will always be or babies, happiness and good health.

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  1. Love from your Great Aunt CharleneOctober 20, 2009 at 12:31 PM

    Hi Sarah,

    Glad you are feeling better from the flu bug.

    Must be all the TLC from your mom & dad.


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