Friday, October 23, 2009

Don't Breastfeed and Drive

While off from work today, I listened to an interview on NPR from the editors of "Dirt is Good for You," which focused on stories and confessions from parents on bad parenting practices including screaming, amongst other things. The interview was rather funny, disturbing and humbling all at the same time.

However, I was extremely disturbed by the fact that there are still mommies out there that feel it's okay to nurse their child while driving a car. Please don't nurse your baby while you are driving. I have seen this happen and it blew my mind. And, then to hear about it again on the air today angered me further. As a mom who nursed her child for 13 months, I know what it's like having a crying baby in the car hungry or needing something that she dropped. Consider having a back up plan as far as food goes by having a bottle of breast milk on hand.

Babies need to be in their car seats when a car is in motion, no matter what. If you can stop and park, I highly encourage it. But, if you are on the highway or somewhere where you can't stop please consider a bottle or other antics to try to calm your baby. Or, and I don't love this option, but sometimes you just have to let your child cry until it is safe to attend to their needs when the car stops and you are parked safely. If you can, also consider coordinating time in your car around feedings to help avoid this dilemma.

Please drive and feed safely.

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  1. It's difficult, but yes, the best is to just let your baby least he will be safe.


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