Monday, October 12, 2009

And, Now She Sleeps, Thanks Froggy

Today I had forgotten how it felt to sleep more than a few hours in a row without waking to a screaming or fussy toddler, that I was not tired and rather refreshed at work today.

I am happy to report that Sarah is back to sleeping 8-9 hours a night, at least for the past few days. I will take what I can get and hope that this habit continues.
My body has been in shock when I awake in the morning, many times before my alarm goes off, questioning if the monitor is working or if Sarah is up to no good. The latter is not really a surprise, with her climbing onto and into everything, that sometimes I wake with a start knowing that kids her age have been known to climb out of their cribs and explore their surroundings.

I suspect that the reason for Sarah's recent slumber, and this is a guess, may have something to do with the humidifier being brought back into her room since the summer. And, with Sarah now being diagnosed with allergies, I decided it was time to bring it out again in the hopes it would help her sleep and be less junky in her chest.

Well, I think it's working. I really hope that by putting these words down this habit for her will not change, at least not too soon. Sleep is definitely something I could get used to.

A very funny thing has also happened since the frog humidifier has returned. Sarah has grown a great attachment to "Froggy." She likes it, too, when the water spews out into a midst and stands next to it waiting for the dew to fall on her face. She then giggles. And, in the morning, when Sarah used to wake up with hollers for mommy or daddy she now awakes talking to Froggy and sometimes reads to him a book left in her crib.

I am so enjoying the incredible cuteness of this and the fascination of Sarah's social skills and imagination. So, Thank You Crane, the company that makes Froggy, and other adorable humidifiers that work, are easy to care for, fun for kids and great for decor as well.

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