Thursday, September 17, 2009

Size Does Matter, As Far As Diaper Bags Go!

I received my first diaper bag, a fun happy red Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Edition, as a gift right after Sarah was born. This bag has been used regularly for our jaunts around town. However, many times I feel I just can't fit enough inside. Also, this particular bag does not have a zipper top or front flap to cover up during inclement weather. So, I then bought another bag, a tad big bigger, different brand that could weather storms, but it ended up not being as comfortable to wear or lug around.

I then decided, even though my first diaper bag was relatively cool, and gender neutral (yes, I was considering my husband carrying this bag around too) that since I love purses, bags and pocketbooks, I would see if I could find something, not an actual diaper bag, that was big enough, fun and stylish to get in its place. Let's just say that now I have grown my bag collection with some fun new finds but none of these have worked well as a diaper bag.

This is really crazy. I know. I then came across a neat, recyclable bag by Reisenthal, which I actually like very much. It's roomy, hip, eco-friendly and easy to care for. However, since I bought it online knowing it didn't have a flap, I thought it had a zipper. To my dismay, it did not. I decided to keep this bag, which has been used a number of times, but still I feel that it doesn't quite meet my needs.

Then, I was in a baby store the other day returning yet another diaper bag, if you can believe it. I was convinced this would be a good choice until the front flap Velcro started coming off just one day into using it. I then saw a new mom eyeing a pink frilly diaper bag with some cutesy character on the front and in that moment thought, no way. Please. Come on. There has to be a decent diaper bag that's somewhat fun, hip, playful and roomy where you can fit what is needed for your growing baby. I refuse to get these bags. Sorry to anyone who has one or loves them, but I do not.

Let's just say that I have returned to using my original Skip Hop bag interchanging between a couple of other bags for extra room. This is nuts. So, right now, even though it will be sometime before Sarah is out of diapers I just have to make "do" with what I have. In hindsight, what I should have gotten but didn't at the time was the Skip Hop Dash Deluxe Edition, which I just can't justify right now.

As far as diaper bags go, size does matter.

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