Thursday, September 24, 2009

Toddler Not Sitting Still During Meals

Since Sarah started in her new class at daycare in September, eating for her has been somewhat challenging. This particular class she is in now has the kids in chairs for meals versus high chairs or chairs with trays. While I understand that this is a learning process, I just don't think Sarah is ready. Let's be honest, with a room full of toys and other distractions around her, how is any child to sit still at age 20 months during meals?

Not only has Sarah been challenged to sit long enough to eat, she continues to be accident prone. Let's see, day one I got a call from school saying Sarah fell off her chair. Later that week, Sarah bumped her head on the table. The following week Sarah overturned another child's breakfast on the floor. Today, I get a call that Sarah helped herself to another kid's food and got scratched on the face as the other kid retaliated.

Okay. You may deduce that my child is a klutz, and from previous blog posts this is not news.

I understand that Sarah is constantly learning and growing and getting used to her body as it changes, but come on. This is somewhat ridiculous. Don't you think? I guess, again, the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Sarah just loves to be on the move. Should I be blaming it on too much Coca Cola or Arizona Iced Tea during pregnancy? What can I say, these were my pregnancy cravings. What is likely the case is that Sarah is extremely active and just loves, loves, loves to climb on everything.

Have I not described just about most children her age? Maybe not.

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