Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sarah's Second "First" Fireworks

Last year on July 4, Sarah's first ever, she was asleep well before the fireworks started. So, Daniel and I did not get to see the expression on her face good or afraid about fireworks, until tonight.

We are fortunate to live in an area where there are often fireworks displays. Many times I can't determine why they are taking place likely due to festivals and such. Nonetheless, they are a cool benefit to where we live. And, tonight was no exception.

Sarah was actually about to go to sleep when we heard and saw some fireworks outside our window. We all proceeded to watch them together from her room. I think I spent more time just watching Sarah observe the fireworks with her expression somewhat in awe. Sarah is typically a quiet child one who likes to take it all in and process. She did not disappoint. She watched and pointed and smiled. She wasn't afraid, which was cool, and it felt like we were watching our second "first" July 4th fireworks with Sarah awake.

Sarah eventually fell asleep while the fireworks display continued. A fun moment by all tonight as the lights flickered and shined outside our window on a cool Summer evening.

Good night!

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