Monday, September 7, 2009

Sarah the Unicorn

Ever since Sarah was born, with a dermoid cyst on her forehead (see previous blog post "When Your Child Needs Surgery), complete strangers would ask what happened to her. As if to think that either I dropped Sarah on her head, hence the bump, or that she fell when I wasn't looking. Okay, this could just be my insecurity, but still.

I honestly feel that it's no one's business, specifically strangers, who don't know me from Adam, to ask these personal questions and expect to get a real answer. So, as you can imagine, since Sarah had her surgery recently still wearing a bandage and sporting a black eye, even more strangers, ask what's wrong with her. I have to admit I am even getting annoyed by this question from acquaintances who are not close friends or family.

So, my husband, the comedian in the family, suggested that we tell people, strangers mostly, when asked, that Sarah was a unicorn and had to have her horn removed because it was off center. Let's be honest, how can anyone really respond to this. And, I have to say it definitely leaves some people stumped and personally think it should. My husband handles these types of situations much better than I do. He would just ignore people who ask these questions.

So, to all those people who don't know me or have an intimate relationship with me, please mind your own business and don't ask questions you may not want to hear answers to. These matters are private and we would like to keep them that way unless we feel the need to share. Let this be my non-verbal scream.

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more! And belly touchers (again of the complete stranger category) anger me even more. Just cause it's sticking out there (and I was REALLY sticking out there) doen't make it public property.
    Mon at 10:21pm by Samara Friedman


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