Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sarah May Have Allergies

Since Sarah's surgery in August, and this is likely just a coincidence, her sleeping at night has been somewhat erratic. Considering the way Sarah has slept in her first 20 months of life this is not really too much of a shocker but a little out of character since she can sleep 8-9 hours in a row and not wake up. However, lately, she has been waking every night two to three times not hungry, not thirsty, not cold or hot. Her room is not too warm or cold. She's in the right pajamas. She has a blanket she loves to sleep with.

We are suspecting that Sarah may now have Daniel's allergies. We were told that it takes a while before a child may develop allergies of this nature. We think the time may be now. Daniel experiences allergies year round and often feels like he has an elephant on his chest. These past couple of weeks he has been feeling it more than usual, also because it's seasonal allergy time. Since Sarah had a head cold last week we thought it was just the cold running its course. The question of allergies never came up at pediatrician visits, even though we have broached it, but are starting to think this may be the case for her.

After, yet, another sleepless night last night, we have decided that we are taking Sarah to the doctor this week to get tests specifically for allergies. If she is suffering, clearly we want her to feel better and sleep well. I am just concerned that she may need to take medication regularly and really hope that she does not have to. If she needs to take medication to feel better then of course we will do what is best for her and gives her relief. But, we are keeping our fingers crossed it's just the bug that has invaded her body taking its sweet old time getting out.

Any experiences you can share, tips or advice for this questioning mommy would be great. Thanks.

Bless you!

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  1. Zachary has allergies, and he developed them within a week of his 1st birthday, which is earlier than most children. He also developed eczema at the same time. He takes Singulair, which helps keep his allergies under control. We also did not like keeping him on chronic medication, but he is off it in the summer and he has had no side effects from it. Unfortunately, he has also developed asthma (seemingly mild so far), and has a severe nut allergy (for which we carry an EpiPen at all times). After going through all that, the seasonal allergies have become just a minor bump in the road of childhood.

    I hope it is a just the tail end of a cold that is affecting Sarah. If not, and it is seasonal allergies, my heart goes out to you, but just remember to be thankful that it is not something worse. I was almost in tears with the eczema diagnosis, since I did not want my child to have to deal with a chronic condition. But, the potentially deadly nut allergy has put that into perspective for me. It is a diagnosis that gives me fear everytime he eats. So, it is difficult dealing with a chronic conditon no matter how minor. As moms, we just don't want to see our children suffer at all. Just try to keep it in perspective. That is how I deal with the nut allergy. There are children that are handicapped for life or who have to deal with a diagnosis of cancer. I see it often as a physician and it breaks my heart everytime. With vigilance and by educating ourselves, we'll get through through the nut allergy. And if Sarah has seasonal allergies, it will be disappointing, but thank goodness it is treatable.

    Samara Friedman


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