Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Parenting While Sick - Part 2

It has now been three days since Sarah and I both got sick including two missed days from work, a visit to the pediatrician and several courses of Motrin to get down fevers. Ugh. All without the help of a babysitter or helpful aid, beyond my husband who is also under a major deadline to get a work project completed.

I know that I blogged recently that it's great to try and get support from friends and family nearby or babysitters who can come on a moment’s notice, but let's be real. While, in reality, this would be a good idea, who really wants to come and help care for a sick child, without the risk of getting sick, especially with H1N1 going around. Further, for the babysitters we have relied on, most of them are teachers at Sarah's school and work during the day. So, this doesn't help me either.

I just have to say it really sucks to be sick and care for a sick child at the same time.

So, gathering as much strength as possible and, yes, bribing Sarah with television where possible, I was able to keep her somewhat maintained, managed, occupied except for the 101 times she tried climbing on the couch over the side. It's amazing to me that a child even with a fever and chills could still have so much energy. I wish I had half her energy when I am sick.

One interesting thing did happen during this sick time. We discovered today that when Sarah had the flu earlier this year it was type A, which includes the H1N1 strain. Therefore, it appears that Sarah has some antibodies to help protect her should she get it again. There is no certainty as to the exact number of cases of this particular strain of flu. Likely cases confirmed are those that have involved either hospitalization, or sadly, death.

I digress.

The point I am getting at today, with just a little bit more energy than yesterday, is that it's never easy being out sick from work, or caring for a sick child especially if you are ill too. If at all possible you have friends, family or babysitters who can come by and help that would be great and very helpful. If not, just accept that it will be a tough time and know you will get through it eventually.

Continue to feel better. Any tips please do indeed share. Thanks.

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