Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oh How I Hate Snot

I am sorry to say that since Sarah was born I would rather change a poopy diaper then try to get snot out or off of her nose. Might I add that Sarah hates it too when we try to clean her nose of these pesky boogers of all different kinds and colors. This is gross I know, so you know what I mean.

Well, then it should come as no surprise why I blog about this now. Sarah had a booger that just would not budge tonight no matter what I tried. Yes, I tricked Sarah every chance I could get to get the little sucker out. Fortunately, during bath time, which Sarah's aversion has somewhat subsided, enabled me to work hard, several times, at her face, to remove this pesky mongrel.

For now, as Sarah sleeps, she is booger-free. And, for this mommy, I still think it is gross trying to get them out. I will continue to help rid these invaders to my daughter's nose while she learns to wipe it with a tissue or toilet paper, but I don't have to like it. I just have to keep control of myself and do it with a straight face, when possible, and not make any "ewww" noises. I certainly don't want Sarah to get a complex about her face, or her nose, for that matter. She is just too darn cute and loveable, boogers and all.

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