Friday, September 18, 2009

Learning and Discovery - Through the Eyes of a Child

I know that I keep saying this, but I have to say it again. I am just so amazed at the development of children, and especially since I am watching the growth of Sarah right before my eyes.

Just the other day we were taking a stroll and talking about our surroundings. Every opportunity with Sarah is a fun and learning experience both for her and for me. So, by no surprise, we talked about the planes and boats and helicopters flying around and floating on the water nearby.

Sarah knows the words water and boats and says them often. During this walk as I pointed out the helicopters Sarah said "hopter." Okay, this was just too darn cute. What can I say; every new word that comes out of her mouth is fascinating to me. And, what is fascinating to her is part of her journey to learning and discovery and love being part of these mini and major milestone moments.

I absolutely love seeing life through Sarah's eyes. There is such a freshness, purity and playfulness to what she sees and experiences and it is rewarding, humbling and an honor to witness. It makes me realize even more how much we take for granted and how important it is, even when we are busy, and this working mommy totally gets that, that to just be in a moment with your child experiencing with them, even if you are a few minutes late to where you are going or just out and about without an agenda, enjoy these moments as they are indeed special and precious. I know they are for me.

So, until our next helicopter, I look forward to learning and hearing about the world through Sarah's eyes holding my hand help to guide her and teach her.

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