Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Klutzy Toddler, Klutzy Mommy

Sarah is truly a child who loves to get into whatever it is that she is doing. At the playground, for example, she's the child that loves to climb up the slide or push the swing with the likelihood of it coming back in her direction and potentially knocking her down on her feet, even with constant supervision. She's quick. And, we need to be even quicker.

Sarah is extremely active, and sometimes not for her own good. While I joke that she is accident prone just like me it's likely because she is still becoming familiar with her feet and legs and ability to get around much faster as she grows.

Recently, on her first two days of her new class this week at school Sarah first fell off a chair during lunch and banged her lip. The reason was because the chairs she is now sitting in for meals don't have straps as she is used to and; therefore, will likely be going through an adjustment period for a little while until these become more familiar to her.

And the accidents continued today. Just five minutes before I arrived to pick up Sarah at school it turns out that she walked into a wall and banged her head. It is nuts. I know that kids are getting acclimated to their new bodies but this is ridiculous. I am starting to think that Sarah either needs to travel in a bubble or wear a helmet and elbow/knee pads.

I just have to hope that tomorrow she makes it through the day without a bump or scrape or bang on the head but know that there is always the likelihood. Kids will be kids, right?

I have to remember back to when I was a growing tot and the many, many times I fell, bumped into things or got too overly excited playing on an outdoor apparatus. We just need to stock our first aid kit with loads of band aids and boo boo buddies. It's going to be a long haul while Sarah gets used to her growing form and the excitability to do it all. Oh, like mother like daughter.

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  1. Loved reading your blog Caren. You've captured the essence of mommyhood in a fresh and enlightening way. Those bangs and bumps happen with mine too at nearly 8 and 5, including with my older one on the playground today who jumped off a piece of equipment and didn't see a kid running beneath him. That one was a doozy!
    Have fun and keep writing!


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