Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to School - 2009

Sarah has been going to daycare for quite some time. In fact, the place she goes to calls their establishment a school, and I love this. So, instead of telling Sarah that she goes to daycare we say that she goes to school.

Since her start at "school" Sarah has been in two classes growing and developing feverishly. Today, as expected, she moved up to the next new class. I have to say that today felt much different than the two other "first day" experiences. The reason, which I only just realized now, is that this is the first September that Sarah is part of the back-to-school craze. Her other moves to different classes were during the year. While I didn't need to get Sarah a whole new wardrobe, except a pair of shoes, or notebooks, pens and pencils, I did cross all the I's and dot the T's to make sure that her first day was seamless. So, I spent a number of hours over the past few days doing laundry, labeling clothes and transitioning Sarah's clothes watching the smaller ones be packed away for keepsakes, storage and donation.

I was glad to take off from work today so that I could milk the experience of Sarah's sudo first day of school and enjoy it. It also gave me comfort to know that I could spend more time with her and my husband while we settled her into her new class today.

I get choked up thinking how fast Sarah has grown in such a short period of time and she's only 19 months. She loves to read and learn, play with her stuffed animals and run around and be rambunctious with family and friends.

I totally get it when parents say, including my Mom, that your child will always be your baby no matter how old they grow. And, now I agree. My toddler is growing so fast and I am so excited by her development, but she will always be my baby.

Savor these moments, as I have been told often, and enjoy the journey you take with your little ones as they won't be little for long.

Have a great school year!!!

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