Monday, September 14, 2009

Daycare and Drop Off

Sarah has been going to daycare/school for quite a while and enjoys it. However, lately, and it's likely an age thing, but drop off has been rather painful for all of us. I hate leaving her crying, and sometimes, howling, for Daniel or I not to leave. But, the teachers say that it's best to just leave quickly rather than linger on. This is just so hard to do. I understand this but, of course, I just want to scoop up Sarah and comfort her. I leave with my heart in my throat hoping that five minutes later Sarah will be feeling just fine, which she usually is, and then I can proceed with my day.

Sarah enjoys daycare. In fact, when we pick her she seems happy as she says good bye to all her friends and especially her teachers. She's incredibly happy to see us, which is a great relief, as the guilt for leaving her for the day has waned for us and her upset long gone.

I used to think when it was decided that when Sarah would go to daycare, or even be watched by a nanny, I was concerned that with so many hours away from us that she would have a tough time really bonding with us. Well, I can say that even though there are days when Sarah is being watched by others for a number of hours she still gravitates to Daniel and me despite us not being with her most hours of these days.

I have learned that you need to need to truly make the most of mornings, evenings, where possible, as that is the time to really establish and set the bond between you and your child even if you need to have your child watched by someone else to go to work. Just know that it's okay to feel sad when you leave your child in another person's care, it just means that you love your child greatly and want what is best for them and to be healthy and happy.

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