Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Transitioning from High Chair to Strapless Chair

Gotta love it when you take your child to daycare or school or have them being cared for by a nanny to get a phone call only several hours later telling you that your child has fallen out of a chair and banged her lip.

Well, this is what happened to me today. Sarah at age 19 months still eats her meals in high chair or booster seat. We even moved the high chair out and are primarily using the booster seat. It just so happens that Sarah's new class at school / daycare for her age group does not use high chair or booster seats but instead chairs without harnesses or straps. So, knowing how Sarah is, clumsy and all, you can imagine that I wondered how she was going to eat at all today since she's so used to be held in and not able to escape.

Don't get me wrong. I am okay with this seating arrangement except for the fact that Sarah is easily distracted, like any 19-month-old would be in a new space with different toys and such. She just needs a lot of practice. Because of this more free-form sitting, it should come as no surprise that at drop off this morning, Daniel and I witnessed Sarah not only moving her cups and bowls around and eating on the go but she also decided to turn upside down another child's breakfast. Thank goodness the kid whose breakfast Sarah innocently toppled to the floor was done eating and off playing elsewhere.

I am appreciative to the teachers that are helping Sarah grow and develop. It just wasn't so great when Sarah decided for dinner tonight that the booster seat and high-chair were history. Thus, I spent an hour coaxing Sarah to sit in her chair and her table. Let's just say, Sarah ate some food, but not as much as she usually does.

Oh, gotta love transitions. As parents, we just need to be patient and understanding of our youngster's changes and milestones even when they come at a moment's notice and with not much preparation. Just go with the flow, hope for the best, laugh when possible and capture what you can on film for keepsakes.

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