Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 Remembered: A Heavy Heart But Thankful

At 9:11am this morning on 9/11, as I listen to Vivaldi playing, watch Sarah coloring and begin this blog post, I think back to this significant day in history eight years ago with such a heavy heart, sadness, tears and remembrance for all that happened. I also think of when the time will come when Sarah is old enough to learn about our nation's history and ask me personally about this inauspicious day.

I will, of course, share with Sarah from my perspective 9/11 and do my best to impart on her strength and wisdom of what has been learned from this unfortunate and devastating experience. While this conversation will likely not happen for a number of years, or without tears, I know as a parent I will need to offer hope and understanding in this important communication.

I think back to where I was eight years ago, just turning 30, being single and not fully happy with where I was career wise. I truly felt at this time, my world, like the Twin Towers, came crumbling down, but by no comparison to the loss others experienced after losing loved ones. Despite this incredible tragedy and lives lost I have to been fortunate to find a place of renew.

Volunteering, something I loved to do and did often, enabled me to become a part a of something extraordinary in the days post 9/11 helping others get their lives back in order after losing so much. Six months later I continued my quest to help others and become involved in a number of other cause related efforts including The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society where I met my husband Daniel, changed jobs, got married and had our beautiful shining star, Sarah.

So, if there is a possibility of seeing light from such tragedy and loss I intend to help Sarah understand. I also intend to encourage her to hopefully embrace and enjoy volunteering recognizing the powerful benefits it has in helping others.

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