Thursday, August 6, 2009

When Mommy Needs the Boo Boo Buddy - Part 2

I am sad to report that my toe is officially broken. In fact, the doctor grossly described it as a "New York City pot hole fracture." Lucky me gets to wear the unattractive bulky black bootie. Maybe Sarah can help me decorate it with stickers and glitter. It's already going to be an eyesore so we might as well make it worth looking at and talking about.

Being a mommy definitely has it rewards, but boy, with all the running around trying to get it all done, even with the incredible support of my husband, it has is repercussions too.

With this blog, I often try to provide insights and lessons from my experience. From this unfortunate situation I could say that I need to slow down and take my time, but let's be real. I am a full time working mommy. There is a Dale Carnegie phrase coming to mind -- "The need to get more done, better, faster, with less." I think Mr. Carnegie was thinking about this for parents especially.

The reality is if I want to keep this body in tact I really need to slow down, at least a little, or just get better at being a skilled multi-tasker, which I thought I mastered rather well.

While my DNA seems to make me prone to accidents, or so it feels that way, I guess I just need to pump in just a little bit more caffeine for energy, eat more healthy, exercise (yeah right, with what free time) and try not to expect to get it all done.

Snap out of it!

Since I have an active 18 month old on the loose I just need to be extra cognizant of how I do things and just have carry around as many lucky charms as possible to help prevent future injury.

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