Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When Mommy Needs the Boo Boo Buddy - Part 1

Ever since I was a child I often scuffed my knees or twisted my ankle from overactive play or just being plain old accidental. Knock on wood, the only body part that has ever been broken, and hope it remains that way, was my left pinky finger, which got turned back during the 8th grade science fair but a classmate who thought it would be funny to see what would happen. Let's just say I don't remember how this happened exactly but you can be sure that I am no longer friends with her.

Since becoming a mommy I have to say my tendency towards injury has not subsided but instead continued. Just this morning Sarah and I were walking with her in the stroller when a fellow mommy stopped to say hello. While Sarah's stroller proceeded to stop suddenly, my right foot decided otherwise and came crashing into the wheel. Right then and there all I wished for was Sarah's boo boo buddy and a place to sit down. The sad part about this is that the toe I injured doesn't even have a really good name. It's not like it's the pinky toe or the big toe but instead a fourth phalange. You can't really call it the ring toe, now can you? Well, for other mommy's maybe, but for this conservative mommy, not likely.

After being urged by my husband to go and get my toe checked out, I did. I was fortunate to have a podiatrist located near my office and able to make a quick appointment. After being examined, X-rayed and taped up I now await the results to find out whether it is broken.

With an 18 month old on the loose I can't afford to be off my feet or limping around. I am such a klutz it's ridiculous. I am just hoping that my toe is just badly bruised or sprained and not broken.

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