Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Type A Mommy: Getting Organized, Maximizing Time

I am person with a Type A personality who loves charts and diagrams to help keep organized both personally and professionally. I can never have enough "To Do" lists or pieces of paper to check off "done" items. I especially love to cross out activities done to see how much has been accomplished. For example, I remember back when in the beginning shortly after Sarah was born, I created a check list for when leaving home and packing the diaper bag to make sure I didn't forget anything. Most of the time this list worked out well. On occasion I might forget something or need more of something I did indeed pack but had to improvise. All in all, I was in good shape with this guide.

As a working mom, I have learned to maximize my time with the support of these types of lists and charts since, we moms know there are just not enough hours in the day to get it all done.

For example, when Grammie and Papa used to first come and visit I would spend easily 20-30 minutes explaining what needed to be done. Once, for a wedding that Daniel and I were going to that would keep us away from Sarah for well over 8 hours :( I decided to create a chart including, and this should come as no surprise, diaper changes, feeding times, play time, etc.

The best part about having created this chart is that now, every time that Grammie and Papa come to babysit, all I do is modify the grid based on the time frame they will be there and just a few minutes is spent so that when they arrive, we greet and say our hello's, hug and kiss Sarah goodbye and go.

At first, getting organized can take time, but in the end it helps save time in the long run.

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