Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Toddler Sees, Toddler Says

In a blog post a while back I mentioned how above Sarah's changing table lives a family tree I created, which she loves to stand up and look at. It also makes for clothing and diaper changes a little bit easier as far as having a more happy, giggly and talkative toddler.

For many of Sarah's family members on the tree she recognizes and says there names many times. For others, whom she doesn't see as often, she is still learning to connect their names and faces.

But, this morning, something different happened. Sarah said the word Emily and we don't have a family member by that name. But, I then took a closer look at the photo of Mommy, Daddy and Sarah, and realized that what Sarah was pointing at was one of her dolls named Emily in the far background of the photo. Then, I started to look at all the photos differently to see what else was in the background that Sarah could recognize. We then saw boats behind Grammie and Papa, amongst other things. The tree came to life in a whole other way.

Then, I started to realize that there have been some instances where Sarah has said a word like ball or sticker or Elmo and both Daniel and I don't see what she's talking about because the object is either wedged so it can't really be seen or so tiny that it's hard to notice. Sarah seeing Emily is one of the many times we have been reminded that she is not just saying words but actually communicating something she sees.

So, when your little talker says something several times and you are trying to figure it out it's likely that she or he sees an object even if it is the tiny Elmo on the diaper box from far away that you can't see, but is the something she or he is pointing out to get our attention and communicate.

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