Saturday, August 22, 2009

Relaxation and Laughter a Must for Any Parent

Sarah's Grammie and Papa insisted that Daniel and I have a date night tonight selfishly so they could spend one-on-one time with Sarah and so we could have some much needed and wanted time off. So, we graciously accepted their generous offer for a few hours off, child-free.

I have to tell you that time off from parenting duties are an absolute must for all parents, when possible. And, it's a great way for our children to become even closer with extended family members. As much as I love Sarah I also know that I need time to relax and unwind and laugh really hard with just my husband.

We went to go see "Julie and Julia" at the movie theater and really enjoyed it. It was actually a really good flick and one with a number of laughs. And, I have to admit, the entire time I did not think of being a parent or responsibilities as I knew Sarah was in great hands with her grandparents who have babysat for her many times before.

We then came home to an extremely happy child who had a great visit with her grandparents and ordered a pizza, all of us, and unwound and laughed some more.

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