Sunday, August 23, 2009

Julia Child and Blackbird Pie

This morning Daniel was changing Sarah's diaper. During this process Sarah often likes to sing songs and make up songs along the way. Further, she also likes it when songs are sung in different voices. Sometimes Elmo's voice joins in on the diddies that Daddy and I sing.

Since seeing the movie "Julie and Julia" for a date night yesterday, it should then come as no surprise that Julia Child entered our home this morning singing some children's' songs too. Not really sure if Blackbird Pie, from the song "Sing a Song of Sixpence" is a recipe in her famous cookbook, or something she would have conjured up on her own, but it was indeed funny to hear Daniel signing it in "Julia-style" to keep Sarah happy.

Please know I mean no disrespect to Julia Child. In fact, since I am neither a cook nor someone who fancies cooking, I was; however, pleased to learn about a woman who clearly had a wonderful spirit and sense of humor. And, this morning, Daniel shared that joy of Julia Child, with our daughter.

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