Monday, August 24, 2009

Diaper Changing on the Go

I often give Sarah diaper changes while we are out and about and on the go. I feel like I have become a pro. At first when Sarah was an itty bitty little thing it was no problem changing her with the small mat that comes with most diaper bags. She would fit perfectly on these mats until she started growing more including her legs, which are rather long, and; therefore, we needed a new mat to grow with her. The great news is that our dear friend Amanda had given us a much bigger sized changing pad that has since become my most important tool on the go.

Also, since our car has a hatch back, a vinyl waterproof changing pad is also great tool to have in the back for quick clothing, swimsuit and diaper changes while out on the go. Just this afternoon, as Sarah had fallen asleep for her nap I wanted to change her so she would sleep longer before putting her in the stroller. So, I wiped off the changing pad in the trunk of our car and proceeded to give her a diaper change there. She remained asleep through the change and during the transfer to her stroller.

Every time I use the changing pad in the car I often think I am so glad that I have this with us because many times it's just too hard to position Sarah on the back seat of the car or on blanket that has been in the car collecting dust. With the vinyl changing pad you can easily wipe them down, and for a quick change, all are happy.

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