Monday, August 3, 2009

Clipping Toddler's Nails

If your child is anything like mine nail clipping no matter how you explain it is not a fun task.

When Sarah was an infant, there were two ways I could trim her nails. One time was during nursing and the other time when she was fast asleep. When breastfeeding stopped at age 13 months sleep time was the only time for this task.

No matter whether we used fun, playful or soothing music or even favorite toys and blankets, loud yelps would come from Sarah the moment I attempted to clip her nails. We even tried clipping my nails, Daddy's, and even Curious George's, but she wasn't having it.

So if any of these approaches work for you I am envious. For those whose children are more like mine, this is what we do. Have one pair of nail clippers at home and one in your diaper bag when you are out and about. When your child is asleep - clip, clip, clip. This weekend, for example, when Daddy was in Target picking up a few things, Sarah was asleep in her car seat I gave her a manicure and pedicure. This then became a much less stressful process for both mommy and toddler.

I look forward to the day Sarah is old enough to want to get every color of the rainbow painted on her trimmed nails. In the meantime, I will have to resort to nail trimmings at home or on the go when Sarah is fast asleep.

Any other tips or advice feel free to share.

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