Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bath Time Aversion for Toddler

Sarah is now 19 months and has been getting her baths in a fun, safe, inflatable tub that sits inside our bigger tub. We like this because Sarah has a lesser likelihood of banging her head and other body parts on the porcelain tub itself.

So, to my dismay a few weeks ago, when this sleepy mommy took a shower one morning I accidentally dropped my razor on top of Sarah's inflatable tub, which then slowly deflated. So, I tried patching the tub, which did not work out well at first and then giving Sarah baths in the "big girl" tub. Let's just say she would not have it either way. Her routine was now out of whack. By the time I bought a new tub and repaired the existing tub with liquid nail for plastics (per my brother-in-law, great recommendation) Sarah became out of sorts with bath time.

A mommy group I am part of had other moms sharing similar stories about bath time aversion. One of the recommendations was to get your child involved with bath time. So, this morning we experimented and I offered Sarah to pump the baby shampoo/soap on to the wash cloth while some of it went into the tub. Sarah had her first bubble bath. She had a blast and splashed with her legs trying to find them under the soap.

Not sure how Sarah's next bath will go but you can bet that I will be sure make certain she takes an active part in the planning process so she can enjoy and get back to the ritual she often loved to do.

Safe splashing!!!

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