Sunday, July 19, 2009

What Child Wants Child Gets?

We were in the grocery store last tonight with Sarah riding in her toy push car. As she was getting ready to put groceries in the trunk an aggressive and older toddler felt that it was necessary to run up to her car and honk the horn. At first, we thought this no big deal and said sure he can honk the horn and shrugged it off. But, then we realized that his real agenda was to move Sarah out of the car to get his turn. His mother swooped in, pulled him away, and shared her apologies. Then, the toddler decided that he wanted to go at it again and try to take control of Sarah's car. Again, his mother swooped in and gave her apologies.

At first this was funny, second time not so funny. Anyway, we chuckled at this realizing that this will likely be us in no time pulling Sarah away from some other child's toy.

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