Friday, July 31, 2009

A Toddler's Security

From the many books I read and re-read while pregnant young children many times will grow attached to specific objects to help provide them comfort. In these books, specifically where parent anecdotes are shared, I have been advised to have multiple, same objects on hand should it go missing, lost in a parking lot, or soiled by a nasty poop.

Over time, I had seen Sarah grow attached to many things including certain stuffed animals and specific blankets. Let's just say for select stuffed animals we have more than one and for specific blankets there are many to go around.

I would say be extra cognizant of your child's signals and requests and follow them as best as possible. Could you end up buying bulk for something that later on they may not find security in? Yes. At first we got a cute little blanket with tags that we had monogrammed. We then got a book with tags and a stuffed toy with tags. I hoped so much that Sarah would grow attached. Nope. Not at all. It's sometimes the things you least expect that they would become most fond of.

We have experienced the great benefit to these personal attachments Sarah has created for herself as they provide comfort for her in her time of want, and especially need. Whenever we go to the pediatrician, or heaven forbid the ER or out of the house elsewhere where comfort may be needed, these security elements have been critical to helping calm our baby.

Therefore, once your child is old enough, and if they want and need security and have established a special relationship with a stuffed animal, blanket or favorite book, carry them around with you and increase their supply to meet the demand when it's required. If that special stuffed animal is in the washing machine or drying over night, their twin sibling can come out and play and provide equal comfort.

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