Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mommy's Favorite Sarah Words

Today, while Sarah was eating dinner in the high-chair, we were playing a word game and I discovered that when I asked her what a pig says she blurted out the words oink, oink, oink to my amazement. I shrieked in excitement because this sound has been something we have been working on for a while and today she said it.

I have often heard that around 18 months of age toddler's vocabulary becomes much more expansive. Well, I decided in this instance to expand the word game further, and she started to repeat the name of colors one after another. A very cute version of the word "yellow" passed her lips and it was the most adorable thing to witness. Watching Sarah's tongue get wrapped around the "l" sound in yellow was precious to watch.

Each day I am so amazed to see the growth that Sarah has made and how much more fun lies ahead. I look forward to tomorrow to hear what new words will come. It also reminds me how much more we need to be careful about our words around Sarah as she is soaking up words like a sponge more and more. In fact, Sarah has taken to calling Daddy by his first name, Daniel. So, now she says Mommy and Daniel.

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