Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time Away from Baby

I love spending time with Sarah watching her learn, grow, and many times sleep. What can I say, she is beautiful to watch. And, being a full time working mommy, the time I have with her is so incredibly precious.

However, I have also learned and realized as a parent that is an absolute must, as much as it's hard to do emotionally and physically, to carve time out for both Daddy and I, as well as alone time for me. In order to be the best mommy, wife and person it's important to have this balance even with the limited number of hours in the day.

As many mommies and daddies know parenting is an incredibly rewarding and difficult job all at the same time and time off is necessary. This does not mean a parent loves their child any less. It means that sometimes we just need time away to refuel and reenergize so we are best for all, including ourselves.

So, as much as I want to spend as many waking hours with Sarah, I do get manicures and haircuts or nights out with girlfriends without child in tow, or go to the movies or out to dinner with my hubby. This also provides Sarah great opportunity to spend additional alone time with grandparents and aunts and uncles who love to babysit.

Be good to yourself and know that it's okay to take time away from baby for personal time off or much needed alone time with your spouse or partner. Your happiness and good health will be good for you and your baby too.

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