Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Toddler's Taste for Art

I like to consider myself somewhat of a creative person and rather crafty. So, with Sarah, you can imagine how excited I was to get her started on the path to the plethora of fun art projects and future masterpieces.

Now, rewind. Since birth, Sarah, now 18 months, constantly mouthed everything in sight. She still does. This now includes crayons, paint, paper, and paint brushes. Let's just say this makes for somewhat challenging art projects. Many times I get frustrated because I want for her to have fun. Truthfully, she's having a blast. It's me who's stressed out or sometimes loosing my cool to try and keep it all together while keeping it all off the furniture.

Many times I am either chasing after Sarah covered in paint to avoid touching to furniture or to try and prevent her from grabbing a crayon to take a bite out of. Even this morning, I tried another painting project, and to no surprise, Sarah took a handful of paint and licked it off her fingers.

The funny thing is that I have tried a number of tips and tricks including the following to help make art projects fun and manageable, yet Sarah still manages to want to get a true taste of what she is working on and with:

+ Tape down the paper or paper plate
+ Strip toddler down to just the diaper
+ Strip yourself down at least to your under garments
+ Keep toddler in a high-chair or booster seat to help reduce running around when covered in paint

I will say that Sarah enjoys art projects and loves to make a
complete mess, but many times directing her to the paper versus the floor, table, couch, dresser, etc. is often work for me. Sarah has made some beautiful memories with paint and crayons and I just need to be reminded that while now it's a bit more challenging to do it in a controlled manner she does deliver beautiful results that put smiles on many faces of friends and family. There are many, many more years of art and creation in the making for Sarah, and I just need to take a deep breath each time we sit down expecting that I will be running around, grabbing crayons until the day Sarah is ready to fully embrace art without ingesting the supplies.

To everyone who received and will receive a Sarah masterpiece in the future please know that these treasured keepsakes are the product of a very happy baby who truly gets into her work. She just likes to feel and taste her way to these special creations.

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