Monday, July 6, 2009

Take Advice with a Grain of Salt

One of my husband's colleagues and wife had a baby recently (many congratulations) and reached out today saying, "does it get any easier?" My husband and I both chuckled, obviously not at the expense of his colleague and wife, but rather at the fact that we still say that with our nearly 18 month old daughter, Sarah.

I remember back when I was pregnant reading as many books as possible to prepare for the arrival of our child. While much of the information was helpful, once Sarah arrived it was as if the information left my brain completely. Okay, maybe not completely, but boy did it feel that way when we had to figure it all out on a moment's notice.

In the beginning, it felt like I was doing a crash course in reading (Breastfeeding Sucks by Joanne Kimes, Girlfriends Guide to Surviving The First Year of Motherhood by Vicki Iovine) to get better versed once we were in it. This helped. We also realized that advice we sought out helped us greatly. As any new parent knows, many people with and without children will offer unsolicited advice. Take it with a grain of salt. I know this is much easier said then done. Some of the information you hear about may be helpful while other information you can store away or choose to forget about.

One forum I have found to be a great resource for advice, outside of mommy friends of course, is that of a mommy support group. There are many support groups available through hospitals and online. Meet Up (,) for example, has groups of all different kinds that can be centrally located to where you live. I will say, personally, the Meet Up group has been a tremendous source for great information from moms and a wonderful way to make friends, coordinate playdates and commiserate about live as a new parent. It's also a nice place to vent, let out frustrations, gain some advice that I can choose to act on and share my advice for others seeking information.

Feel free to not take this advice. :)

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