Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Sun Fun

Today I experienced pure, unadulterated joy watching my daughter, Sarah, frolic, play and get soaking wet in the sprinklers at a park close to our home. Living in an apartment building without a backyard or pool we are fortunate to have a space close to our home where Sarah can play in the water on a warm or hot summer's day. And, the great news, it's free.

Sarah has not yet been to the beach, something definitely on our to do list that we look forward to checking off soon. Yet, in the meantime, for others who don't have access to a beach, pool or backyard consider checking out your local communities for public access areas with pools, sprinklers and such that are safe for kids to play and enjoy during the climbing temperatures.

I will say this, at the end of a long work day it's nice to have a place to go, close to home, where we can all unwind, watch Sarah have a blast, and not have to pack the kitchen sink.

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