Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Now This Makes "Cents"

As a first time mom, I often get wide-eyed and excited to purchase new fun finds for my daughter especially as she continues to grow and learn. And, as many parents can likely attest to, children can indeed be costly. Further, being a new parent is like being a kid in a candy store often wanting to get everything, or close to it, for our developing children.

Thanks to my sister, she helped me realize that I could parlay my passion for bargain shopping by finding some valuable finds for a fraction of the cost and still get some quality needs and wants without breaking the bank.

What I like so much about bargain shopping is that sometimes, not always, it feels like some finds are one-of-a-kind then become sentimental in value.

The following are great places to bargain hunt: local yard and garage sales, salvation army surplus stores, consignment stores, Craig's List, Ebay and local community swap meets/flea markets. Further, these places are nice way to either make some money or share your wares with others in need.

Word of caution: be extra alert and inspect your potential new purchases. Certain things are not recommended to be purchased used (e.g., cribs, pajamas). While this is a bit more challenging, but necessary, be sure to check online about your new, gently used purchases to determine if there are any recalls, etc. to provide you comfort and peace of mind.

We have been fortunate through selective bargain hunting to save a bundle on clothes, toys, and our favorite, books for our daughter. We believe that one family's trash is another family's treasure, and sometimes our new treasures.

Happy Bargain Hunting!!!

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