Friday, July 10, 2009

Caffeine: One Mother's Fuel

I barely drank coffee before my daughter was born. If anything, it was sometimes an iced decaf coffee that was more milk than coffee and more a treat than a caffeine fix.

However, once I stopped breastfeeding and pumping milk over a year later I came to realize that coffee was a new must-need staple in our household. Starbucks runs just became too expensive and we couldn't justify. Now, our kitchen has a coffee machine that has gotten quite a bit of mileage, more than I thought it ever would.

Some of my friends have children who sleep really long hours at night and nap well during the day. I often would think that Sarah felt like she was missing something if she stayed asleep too long. In fact, as a little baby, because her naps were so unpredictable as far as when and for how long I used to call Sarah the "kitty crap napper." She did not sleep long and she was up often. Not really sure how she functioned during the day.

I should just be happy that Sarah sleeps at least close to 9 hours a night when we are home and not traveling and takes a nap or two a day at about an hour each, sometimes more, sometimes less.

All in all, I just have to accept that parenthood, with this baby, requires me to be up with the need for a caffeine fuel to get me through the day. Now I completely get how some people need caffeine to function in their day. I am normally a high energy person so you can imagine what I am like on caffeine.

Another day, another cup of coffee.

What's your fuel?

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