Saturday, July 11, 2009

Baby's First Time at the Beach

This weekend, Daniel and I took Sarah to the beach for the very first time. We decided on a whim to check out the public beach in our local area as we figured, worst case scenario, if Sarah didn't like it then we didn't invest too much time traveling to and from or too much money as parking and beach entry were free.

The great news is that, and I guess this should come as no surprise, Sarah loved the beach. She loved the water more than she liked the sand. I am even more thrilled to say that Sarah did not eat the sand. This was my biggest concern as she still mouths a lot of things being the age that she is at.

We also expected that going to the beach with a young child meant there would not be much relaxation. And this, was indeed right. There was much running after Sarah who loved to make a bee line for the ocean, and especially the waves.

This experience did indeed impart a number of lessons for future beach visits:
+ It will indeed be great fun watching your child discover new things, playing in the sand and frolicking in the water
+ Expect to laugh hard and out loud at many of the things your child will do as they discover
+ Unless you have family and friends who join you for your beach visits and become active participants in your child's play, it will not be relaxing as far as sitting still and soaking in the rays + Our child is not one to sit still very long so get a restful night's sleep as you will be on your feet a good part of the day
+ Definitely get to the beach early before the sun's strongest rays arrive and because parking is easier to find and closer to your destination
+ Expect to pack everything including the kitchen sink (e.g., umbrella, tent, extra towels, food, beverages)
+ Extra towels -- these help with diaper changes as well because if you didn't think sand could get in every crease of your child don't be mistaken. Towels, better than baby wipes, help to remove the sand while the wipes just move it all around
+ I have also been told by a fellow mom that powder helps with getting off sand as well (Thanks Monique)
+ Sun block yourself just as much as your child as you would be surprised by the angles your body can be exposed to sun

We are looking forward to our next beach visit with Sarah and the new adventures that come along with it.

Happy beach going this Summer!

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