Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Picture is Worth…

Just the other day I was putting the final touches on a project I had been meaning to do for quite some time – my daughter’s family tree photo collage. I had great expectations for getting this done much sooner than now and the reward, despite the time frame it took to complete, has been well worth the wait.

I like to consider myself somewhat of crafty person and pride myself on developing unique, artful creations.

The genesis for the family tree came when I realized how much my daughter loved to look at pictures on the refrigerator during meal times. She would get all giddy pointing out photos and keeping herself entertained while her meals were being prepared. While a nearly 18-month old is not likely going to get her family’s lineage at this early stage in life, the people she is familiar with bring her great joy to see.

Therefore, knowing her love for pictures of people, especially those she knows, I set out to find a place to plant the family tree. Where better then another place she spends a great deal of time – the changing table.

For a while the space on the wall above the changing table was barren for the obvious reason of not wanting to have something there my daughter could pull down or hurt her self with. A month or so after she came home, I remembered reading about the benefits of black and white images and their sharp contrast being of interest to babies and good for their growth and development. So, I decided to print out on paper my own black and white images created on the computer that were safe to put above the changing table. Recently, the last of these three pieces of paper have been tugged off the wall by my curious daughter.

So, this now empty space, which provided comfort and solace for my daughter and fun as well, will now be the new home for her family tree of photos. Less than a week since the Family Tree has been on the wall my daughter squeaks and squeals every time she comes into her room rushing over to the changing table to check out her favorite family faces. A nice change from her running the other way.

I must emphasize that not every experience on the changing table to date has been a fun one as far as personality and ability to sit still. My wiggly and giggly, and sometimes crying, baby itched to get off the changing table.

When she once reveled in black and white images laughing and cooing my daughter now gets so excited and craves to stand up to see her family photos and friendly faces. So, while diaper and clothing changes have become somewhat easier in the sense of getting my daughter on the table without her flipping out, now I have to master diaper and clothing changes with her standing up to some degree as she can’t get enough of the family faces staring back at her.

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