Sunday, June 21, 2009

Best Gift Ever...

I feel that the best gifts ever are those from the heart, with a little paint or crayon, and sentimental personality.

Daddy has just risen to his bright eyed baby girl waiting to give his Daddy's Day present. And, since I am such a cheese ball and love sentimental gifts that I believe last a lifetime and have personal value appreciated by those to who it matters most, I was so eager to see my husband's reaction to this year's gift. This year I embarked to the Internet and fell upon a site called There is a cute little diddy that he sings to our daughter often to calm and comfort her. This song now lives on a wood cube picture frame with four of his favorite pics of her. Upon opening his gift he said emotionally that "this was the best gift ever."

Cheesy, sentimental gifts are not for everyone but good for me that my hubby appreciates them and reciprocates as well as I roll my mouse over our wedding photo mousepad from a previous anniversary. I look forward to many, many more years of cheesy, sentimental gifts.

Happy Father's Day.

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